A Change in Systems

To all my readers,

This day and age is one of acceptance, equality,  and justice. In fact, the past 50 years have seen great reform in terms of the treatment of society’s marginalized. We treat the handicapped, disabled, the dying, the elderly and children with much more care than in the past, and it is something in which our generation should take much pride. However, the road to equality is so far from its end, and one of the next stops must be an issue that has been calling for attention for a long time, but has only recently began to gain speed. It is that of the prison systems, and all of the surrounding issues this entails.

Although I am inexperienced, I am embarking on a mission to explore the reforms needed specifically within North Carolina in the prison systems. There is much that need to be changed: the processes of arrest and trial before prison, the legality of private prisons, prison conditions, and the recent reinstitution of the death penalty.

These issues are complex, and I promise to look at them throughly, and from every standpoint, in order to provide a well-informed blog that is an accountable source of information. And although I am only beginning this research, my standpoint thus far is one who is pro-humanity. I come into this with the standards that every person has dignity and rights that should not be stripped from him or her, no matter the circumstance.