Theory Post – Prison conditions

Dear readers,

In past posts I have focused primarily on the negative aspects of prison conditions, highlighting particularly one side in regards to these conditions. There are two sides to every story and this one is quite simple: one being in support of prison reform and the other not. Those not in support of prison reform is not necessarily outwardly spoken, but rather can be seen through lack of action, lack of funding, and continuing to ignore the issue at hand. As I sit here writing this post I am trying to find a way for each side to compromise, but there is just no such thing as compromise when looking at this topic. And my only conclusion is: prison reform is necessary.

By no means should prisons be luxurious, but they should at least be humane and livable. In order to achieve prison reform several steps will need to be taken. The first step that should be taken is education. By educating society and both parties of what is really happening within prison walls a general understanding of why reform is necessary can be achieved. The steps following should include, more funding for prison staff, mental health services, and other specialized units. Especially considering that 12% of the total prison population requires mental health services. Lastly, prisons should be required to follow and abide by current prison laws such as PREA. I believe if we are able to implement the above reform can be achieved.


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