Self Analysis

Dear Readers,

Thanks for checking back one last time. For this post, I want to take a minute to reflect on my growth as a writer and a learner during my time researching this topic.   When my group agreed to focus on prison systems weeks ago, I didn’t know much of anything regarding prison systems. The extent of my knowledge was gained only from what I had seen on Orange is the New Black and brief conversations in other classes.   I will admit though, I came into this project fairly biased that the conditions within the prisons were nothing to praise, but this did not stop me from trying to keep an open mind during my research.

As I embarked on the journey of investigating the conditions within prisons and the treatment of prisoners, I soon realized my biased opinion was easily confirmable. This only made things easier for me as I found myself becoming more and more passionate about the wellbeing of inmates. It’s funny, I never thought that would be something I would consider a passion.

I feel that my greatest strength during this project was not only my ability to support my claim with factual and emotional evidence, but also being able to openly question the current practices. I found this to be the best way to connect with my readers and to keep them engaged.   With that being said, I can honestly say I have several weaknesses in regards to this project. I feel that two most prominent are: first, my inability to try to understand the opposing side’s point of view. As I said before, I did try to keep an open mind while researching, but I found that to be extremely challenging once my opinion was confirmed. And second, timeliness. At one point during the project I found myself becoming so preoccupied with other issues in my personal life that the importance of this project slipped away from me. This made it extremely difficult for me to regain the passion and motivation I once had.

Looking back at all the research and time I put into this subject, I feel like I can confidently say I am well informed on the topic. By spending time doing weekly postings, analyzing the topic, offering solutions, etc., I found that the skills I have gained go beyond the basics. I feel that I have grown as a person while trying to master this topic, especially considering the obstacles I faced. This project has made me realize how essential it is to educate our society on pressing such as these.

In conclusion, the conditions of prisons and the treatment of prisoners are corrupt, inhumane, and foul. And I will continue to advocate for prison reform outside this blog, as it has become an issue important to me.

As I finish this post, I just want to say that I hope you enjoyed following my blog as much as I enjoyed creating it.


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