Implications of prison conditions

Dear Readers,

As I finish up my final posts, I want to take a minute and consider the implications the current conditions within prison systems has in our country, and what could result if they continue. From my research and weekly postings, it is apparent that the conditions within prisons are nothing to praise and will only continue to produce negative results.  I believe the biggest implication in regards to prison conditions results from the lives lost due to these conditions. We are imprisoning people for killing others, but what does it say about our justice system when we are in turn killing them? Conditions have gotten so bad, that people are actually dying. Prison is a place of reform and rehabilitation, not inhumane practices. By continuing to support the current prison condition through underfunding and lack of acknowledgement to the current laws (ex. Prison Rape Elimination Act, Eighth Amendment) pertaining to prison/ prisoner treatment, we are in turn supporting a country with corrupt morals.


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