Self Analysis

When my group picked the prison system as out topic for our blog, I didn’t even know that private prisons existed.  I just assumed all prisons were the same.  I found out very quickly that this is not the case.  This entire project has been a huge learning experience for me.  Although, here at the end, I can honestly say that I’ve learned so much about this topic.

Due to my lack of knowledge about private prisons at the beginning, I did not have an opinion on them.  However, as I learned more about them, I was able to make an opinion.  This helped me write about my topic because I had a truly unbiased opinion on it.  Also, it made it clear that my opinion was forming as the project progressed from week to week.

The easiest part of this project for me was the weekly postings.  It was so easy for me to go online and find yet another problem with the private prison industry and write about it.  On the other hand, the hardest part of the project was the analysis post.  This is because there simply was not enough to talk about from the other side of the argument.  The only supporters of private prisons are the corporations themselves and the government that is trying to rid itself of immigrants.  Also, any evidence of support provided is highly questioned.  This made the analysis post difficult because there is a lack of information to support private prisons.

Overall, this was a very interesting topic that gave me a new perspective on the prison system.  Doing research allowed me to develop those skills and writing a weekly post and other posts allowed me to develop my thinking and thought forming skills.  As a conclusion to my topic and a summary of my research, the private prison system is corrupt, detrimental, and still on the decline.  Without major reformations, the entire system needs to be taken over by state governments.

Thanks for reading!



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