Self Analysis

Hey Readers,

Thanks for checking back on my blog one final time, as I reflect back on the journey that I’ve taken these past few weeks with my topic. When I went into this, I already had an opinion, from a humanitarian standpoint, that I did not approve of the death penalty. Because of this already biased opinion, I made sure from the to beginning to look for all types of evidence, and keep an open mind.

With this mentality, even when I thought I had hit a huge bump in my project, when I found out that support for capital punishment was much greater than I had thought, I decided to still talk about it, and that post ended up teaching me so much about my topic, becoming a turning point in my research. It was so important for me to understand the opposite side’s arguments, because only then was I truly able to understand my own.

My strength during this project was the research I had done in the beginning of my project, because it gave me a basis to reach the conclusions I eventually came to. My weakness was the middle of the project, when other pressing life matters came in, and definitely made it really challenging for me to come back and delve deeply into the issue again.

All the research I did just confirmed my thoughts, but I became so much more informed and well-rounded on this issue. I realized that there were economic factors, and errors of the system, and data to be researched and presented, as well as what had originally interested me the most, the theoretical and psychological side of all of it.

Thanks for following my blog. I hope you learned a lot and enjoyed this journey as I have.


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