Other Blogs to Check Out- Class Links

There were three other blogs in our class that discussed issues in the social sciences.

The mixedsalad blog is a great blog to check out if you’re interested in racial issues in America. It discusses how racial relations affect education, police brutality, employment discrimination, and segregation. We find this to be a very thought-provoking topic because even after the civil rights movement there is still racial discrimination present in society.

The 5girls4education blog is another blog you should read if you want to learn about the issues in the American educational system. It analyzes low teacher salaries, rising college tuition, charter schools becoming more recognized, after-school programs, and the inequality between public and private schools. This blog was relatable to our group because we attend a public university and are interested in the issue of increasing tuition.

You should visit the blog about gun violence if you want to learn about the portrayal of gun violence in the media, its relationship to mental health, and the political conflict between gun rights and gun control. Gun violence is becoming an increasingly pressing issue because reports on shootings are occurring more frequently in the media.


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