Death Penalty Conflict (Theory Post)

As I talked about in my analysis post, the United States is the only first world country to be on the list of 10 countries with the most executions in the world. This statistic is shocking, and must be changed, if we are to continue to be considered leaders for democracy in the 21st century.

In order to resolve this issue, we need a complete abolition of the death penalty in our nation. However, this process is going to be taken step-by-step, as many other issues of rights have occurred in our country. Firstly though, it is important to note that the death penalty has been steadily decreasing since 1993. This is a sign of positive changes in the system, where death is not the immediate remedy to a bad situation.

The difficulty in making this change, though, is that, unlike many countries, the death penalty in the United States cannot be taken away at a national level; instead, each state on its own must reach that conclusion. Currently, 19 states have made the death penalty illegal, and 31 states still have it, although about 18 of those rarely put it into practice. Of the remaining states, North Carolina is one of the strongest death penalty supporters.

Lastly, however, we need awareness of this issue. People who are in support of the death penalty need to see what it actually does to our society, and the countless flaws there are in this system.

Once this is recognized, both sides can “meet halfway” on this issue, and allow capital punishment only in extreme circumstances, when the safety of the general public is in question.


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