Implications of private prisons

Based on the research that I’ve done on private prisons, it is apparent that if nothing is done to reform them, there will be negative results in the incarceration system.  Studies performed on the growth of private prisons points to more and people being held in these facilities without a visible end.  This includes the immigrants that keep being funneled into the prisons.  Secondly, as the industry continues to grow, I think the problem with cutting corners on the worker compensation and amenities provided for the prisoners will continue to worsen.  Who’s to say that the amenities will be cut to an almost unlivable level.  Finally, if nothing is done to change the private prison system, and its influence continues to grow, I believe that these corporations will use their increased influence to  get more and more prisoners for less and less crimes.  They have already been documented paying judges to send kids to prison.  What else could they do if there is no reformation?


2 thoughts on “Implications of private prisons”

  1. nmsides, I thought this a good post. It seems that justice is a periphery motivation with many private prisons, as they need inmates to sustain themselves and are concerned with profit. Also strange is the fact that some of these prisons have inmate quotas, and if the quotas aren’t filled the state government has to pay for it. This seems like it not only incentives the private corporations but the state government to fill the prisons. Is that a true assumption? Also, how common are these inmate quotas? And what are the most common corners cut by private prisons?


    1. Your assumption that private corporations, along with state government, to fill prisons is definitely true. After reading your comment I looked into it and about two-thirds of private prison contracts include quotas. This clearly shows that these private institutions are only, as you said, concerned with profit, not the prisoners or morality. Also, as mentioned in another one of my posts, the most corners cut in private prisons are a decrease in the amenities given to prisoners, such as less food, and decreasing the workers’ salaries, which has been shown to lead to an increase in prison violence. This is because less qualified workers are being hired to increase profit. Thanks for the comment!


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