Private Prisons aren’t the only problem

This being my last weekly post, I’d like to use it as a medium to explain that more than private prison reform is necessary.  This article highlights the fact that private prisons have grown and definitely have negative implications.  It even said that phone calls are one dollar for every minute that a prisoner is talking on the phone.  So, private prisons are not getting any better as of now.  However, it is apparent that even if every private prison suddenly disappeared, the United States would still have the largest prison system in the world.  Also, as the private prison industry has grown, the public prison system has grown more:


Articles such as this have lead to speculation that the initiatives made by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as candidates would not help the overall issue of the prison system.  There’s no doubt that candidates beginning to acknowledge the problem and try to make changes is a step in the right direction, however I believe that more needs to be done to fix the fact that the US has the largest prison system in the world.  The article mentioned above makes some great suggestions about more electronic monitoring and private probation services that would allow less non-violent criminals to be out of the prison system.

What do you think could be done to fix the US’s problem of mass incarceration?


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