Private Prison Theory: What can be done?

My most recent post, the analysis of private prisons, explained the two different sides of private prisons.  The two sides are very simple: those for private prisons and those against them.  I’d love to give my readers a two sided argument that shows what both sides can do to make a compromise, however it seems that private prisons simply need reformation in order justify their existence.

Primarily, I’d like to reference the website of the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).  A statement pulled from their site:

At CCA, we are committed to operating facilities that benefit taxpayers, support economic growth, generate local tax revenue, and provide stable, well-paying jobs with advancement opportunities.

A mentioned in my previous post, almost every one of these “commitments” they mention has been severely refuted by numerous studies.  The only statement that can be supported is the fact that these prisons do provide jobs.  However, the “well-paying” portion may have to be removed as this article states that even workers’ salaries are subject cuts in an attempt to increase profits.  Basically, I believe that if private prisons actually attempt to accomplish these statements, they could be a beneficial aspect to the Judiciary system in the US.

Also, immigrants should not be handed over to private prisons.  The Obama administration has been funneling immigrants into these facilities and even is attempting to certify them as housing facilities.  It is immoral to take advantage of families, including innocent children, by using them as a means to gain money.  Perhaps, these companies could create facilities that actually deserve certification as housing units.  This way, the immigrants could be housed in actual, suitable facilities rather than prisons.

Finally, politicians should stop accepting campaign contributions from private prison groups until necessary reforms are made.  This step has already been taken by Hillary Clinton in her campaign.  If politicians ended the influence that private prisons are able to create, the corporations may make changes in order to receive financial aid/support.

Private prisons have a long way to go before they can be advocated as a beneficial aspect of the U.S. Judiciary system.  However, if reformations are made, I think they could provide valuable jobs to local citizens and offer the government aid with overcrowding.  Not to mention, if the immigrant housing was actually created, this could solve a major problem.  As of now, private prisons should be abolished.  However, with certain changes, or even state supervision, they could be an integral part of the U.S. Judiciary system.



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