Prison System in NC

Our blog group is going to cover the overall topic of prison systems in North Carolina. However, more focused sub-topics are going to be introduced. These include: Privatization of prisons, conditions of living quarters, nutrition, treatment of inmates, and the death penalty.

I do not have much knowledge on the prison systems in North Carolina, or anywhere for that matter. The most I’ve ever learned of this topic is from the TV show, Prison Break. While some of the situations in that show were almost assuredly exaggerated for dramatic purposes, they bring questions to one’s mind. After skimming over recent headlines of prison news stories, I was surprised to see some similarities.

Based on preliminary research, major issues are found in all of our group’s topics of interest. A more recent headline stated that a man died of dehydration while in prison. Another topic of the privatization of prisons has become an issue of discussion in the presidential campaign.   U.S. Senator of Vermont and presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, is one of the more outspoken candidates on the idea of prison system reforms. He has introduced a bill that would ban contracts between the government and private organizations. He states that these organizations are only focused on profit and have no interest in the justice of the system.

These are just some basic contexts of contemporary issues in the North Carolina prison system. I hope to learn more on these topics and the system overall. This is an interesting topic to me because I’ve heard many stereotypical viewpoints of prisons, but I’m interested in learning if these are true and if there are changes being made. Also, it is convenient that it is a topic of discussion in the presidential candidate race.


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