Equality for all?

Dear readers,

I want to start my first blog post with an introduction of myself and my views and the topic I plan to discuss, prison systems in North Carolina.  For years people have fought for the equality of all.  We have seen activists struggle for the equal pay of men and women, the acceptance of LGBTQ communities, and equality for all races.  But what isn’t discussed is the unfair treatment of people within prison systems.  How do we expect to achieve a society that supports equality for all if we don’t actually give all parts of society equal treatment? In relation to prison systems in North Carolina and my foundational knowledge on the topic, I don’t know much.  I am embarking on this research journey with an open mind.  Even though I plan to keep an open mind throughout my blog postings and research, I have taken my standpoint on some concerning issues regarding the treatment of prisoners and the ethics behind the death penalty from what I know so far.  I feel strongly that the treatment of prisoners should be fair.  I do not believe in stripping people of their basic moral rights and I do not under any circumstance support cruel treatment.  From the research I have done thus far, I came across a case that discussed the death of a mentally ill prisoner who had died from dehydration during a 30-day period of solitary confinement.  Now whether the prisoner was purposely left to die or was forgotten about is still unclear to me, but either way this should not have happened.  Unfortunately, this is just a small aspect of a much greater issue at hand.


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