Changing the Prison System

This blog will discuss the criminal justice system in the United States with a specific interest in North Carolina’s prisons. Although our group members have not decided what specific criminal justice issue we want to discuss in the blog, our group is mainly focused on issues such as the treatment of inmates, the death penalty, private prisons run by major corporations for profit, and the process of being convicted of a crime and going to prison. None of our group members are experts on the topic of the criminal justice system, but we are all interested in the political issue and wish to learn more about it.

This political issue is relevant to me because the number of people in prisons is rising quickly. There are also several recent cases in which prisoners have experienced mistreatment due to racial inequality. I support many of the changes introduced by the federal government through the recent bipartisan bill titled the Safe, Accountable, Fair, Effective (SAFE) Justice Act. This bill proposes to reduce the nation’s prison population, decrease the amount of crime, and save money. The bill would also attempt to apply several states’ plans to decrease recidivism through educational and occupational training programs for inmates and reduce the number of non-violent inmates in prisons. I particularly find educational and occupational training programs as an important change of the criminal justice system because simply sending convicted criminals to jail and releasing them after they have served their sentence does nothing to help them transition back into society in a positive manner.


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